As a business owner, I have worked extensively with boards of different companies "internally and externally". I myself, for many years, used a professional board and it is my experience that a strong board of directors, may contribute to a company's positive development.

In addition to my experience as an active board member, my approach is also a constant development of skills. That include passing the CBS Executive Board of Education, and having a mentor Jørgen Tandrup, one of the most experienced senior executives in Denmark. Jørgen Tandrup is the Chairman of Tivoli, Fritz Hansen and ST Group.

As a board member I involve myself, among other things, actively in:

  • Management
  • Board composition (people and skills)
  • Strategy and Priorities
  • Ensuring capital and liquidity (financial and risk management via reporting)
  • Ensuring growth and bottom line
  • Ensuring the future and the development of the company
  • Being a sparring partner for CEO / Directors
  • Sales / exit of the company (obtaining the best value, depending on shareholders' wishes
  • Creating value for the company and its shareholders.