My goal is to create value and development of the companies in which I am involved. I invest primarily in IT companies. In addition to my financial investment, I represent experience and knowledge of running and developing a company to success.

I actively participate at board level. You get a partner with similar interests and dreams as you, to create success for your business.


What you get:

  • Capital to grow your business
  • Sparring to develop the company. What is the strategy, how should the company be built, how do you ensure the economy.
  • A professional board
  • Maturation of the company for future sale


My evaluation criteria for investment in a company are:

  • Management team experience / potential
  • Strategy
  • Unique product
  • Attractive market
  • Scalable business model
  • Revenue DKK 5 to 80 million
  • Profitability
  • Exit option

Article above is from Danish business media Børsen


Denmark's largest business angel network

Danish Business Angels are interested in financing start-up firms (including high-technological), including ownership succession and to go into "turnaround" situations. In addition to fund the company, investors will typically engage actively in management at board level and, in special cases, the Executive Board.

We typically meet every other month to assess the projects submitted and possibly syndicate investments. There are a total of 90 active investors and a partner group consisting of financial firms, accounting firms, law firms and incubators.

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